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Darren & Anna

Yes you are right, I've been a bit slower getting Number 2 onto the web page! But here we go -> All about Emma.

News about BJ Harrison here....

So I've gone through the blog, added our best 136 photos, put all the posts into normal order. Have a look here if you like. The original photos are in Picasa.

For my weekly NZ news head to for the latest (and back copies).

I have photos here (including wedding photos). Geo mapping and now people mapping!

If you are heading overseas then you might be interested in Craig's travel check list (new) and now one for those with infants!

If you are coming here from overseas you might be interested in Craig's Ngaruawahia information.

I've recorded a few movies with my media computer (MediaPortal & now MythTV) so if you come to visit, these movies are available to watch.

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