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Alana and Jaime were flower girls for Craig and Edelweiss' wedding last year. It's neat having another sister-in-law!
Alana and Jaime
Alana riding on Katie
Alana and Katie
Our gorgeous dog Bonbon
Alana and Jaime helping with docking on our friends' farm
Farm Girls
Jaime, Karl, Michelle, Shane and Alana Harrison. An energetic boy has completed our family beautifully.
Shane, Michelle & family
Jaime spends a lot of time with our horse Katie
Jaime and Katie
Alana, Jaime and Karl enjoyed the different animals in Australia especially the kangaroos and koalas. They even patted a baby alligator at the Australia Zoo.
Patting a Kangaroo
Karl Davin William (born 23/10/02), walking and ready for mischief
The birds were amazing at Tambourine Mountain. It was certainly worth the drive to see this colourful array.
Karl at Tambourine Mountain
Likky is a favourite of Karl's.
Karl and Likky
Our gorgeous beach.
Mt Maunganui
Shane turned 40 recently and was aptly given a V8 cake by Michelle
Shane and his birthday cake
While in Australia, Shane had a ride in a V8. Michelle's father did too. It looked impressive and fun.
Shane and his birthday present
The latest member of our family. Sprinkle the wild rabbit is very cute and tame.